Tuesday, August 20, 2013

#13 - This Is War - Part 3

The "War" continues today, Wednesday, with a brand new installment of Saves the Day!

The story so far:

After initiating conflict with some poorly managed words, The Office Clerk drove the forces of the "Villainous Academy of Villainy" to action. They found special ways to get at the heroic employees of Saves the Day. Now the heroes must regroup to lick their wounds and prepare for battle.

Also, something from way back makes its official debut in this storyline. You'll see The Office Clerk dressed in different attire this time around, his "Hero Armor." This design comes from my original Office Clerk sketches from back in 2007 when I first created the character. I was temping in an office, drawing characters and such between data entry assignments, when suddenly I drew this strange hero who I decided would obsess over the most absurd aspects of clerical work. In a way, drawing and creating such characters helped to save my sanity during that time in a less than great job.

Nothing like some historical Easter Eggs to enhance the comic reading experience, huh?

Anyway, enough of the winking and nodding to the "Secrets and surprises." Please enjoy the strip, read back a few in order to catch up on the story, and keep up on the continuation of the strip's first true saga next week!


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Thank you very much for reading.

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